IEC-G102-BP-SA, IPS device

IPS 2 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports, 5 year

Tuotenumero 129602

Industrial Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) device with 2 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports, 5 years of pattern updates, individually managed via web GUI, -10 to 60°C operating temperature

(Cybersecurity Channel Starter Kit)                         

Features and Benefits

 Ultra-compact industrial security box with IPS/IDS

 Granular policy enforcement with whitelisting control

 LAN Bypass design to prevent a single point of failure and traffic overloading

 Bump-in-the-wire installation without impacting the network


The Moxa IEC-G102-BP Series industrial next-generation IPS devices protect mission-critical assets with industrial-grade IPS and whitelisting. Meanwhile, the Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software, when used together with the IEC-G102-BP Series, offers another layer of protection through centralized critical asset visibility, network analysis, and auto pattern updating.

Centrally Manage Network Security and Enhance OT Visibility

The IEC-G102–BP Series sniffers the network traffic and gives users the visibility of existing assets and connections, which help administrators and operators understand the condition of current OT system. With connecting to Security Dashboard Console, a security management platform, the administrators or operators can effectively manage and monitor all the intrusion prevention systems in one place. This provides an easier way to monitor the devices and execute policy updates, firmware updates, and pattern updates.

Dynamically Prevent Malicious Cyber Threat Activity Affecting Your System

The IEC-G102–BP Series is designed to protect mission-critical assets at the OT network edge. It silently analyzes your network traffic in the background and offers granular behavior monitoring and control of cyber activities. These IPS devices provide both “Monitor” and “Protect” modes to facilitate different OT scenarios. Monitoring mode gives administrator full visibility of cyber threat activities. In the case of an emergency, administrators can easily switch to “Protect” mode to block and contain any malicious operations.







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