Panel PC

Panel PCs are a subset of industrial computers that incorporates a screen – typically an LCD screen – into the same enclosure as the motherboard and other essential components. Most panel PCs rely on touch-screen technology that allow users to issue commands by pressing the screen directly. Panel PCs are an integral part of any fully or part-automated industrial system and serve a multitude of different purposes depending on which segment your business operates within.


Requirements and priorities differ vastly from industry to industry and while some businesses need robust casings and weatherproof screens, others may prioritize processing power, cost-efficiency or even hygiene. Typically wall mounted, Panel PCs are generally located in challenging and harsh environments, requiring that enclosures are able to withstand anything from dust, water spray and direct sunlight to high vibration and explosions (EX zones).


Hatteland Technology offers a wide variety of panel PCs – providing fanned and fanless options, stainless steel enclosures, sunlight readable screens, panel PCs with an Android operating system etc.



Let us help you identfy your optimal solution: